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ramcharan nayak (2013) telugu movie review story ratings

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Mega powerstar Ram Charan is all poised to deliver a super hit with Nayak this Sankranthi. One of the mostly awaited films Nayak has finally arrived and let's check out the movie review of the Ram Charan-starrer.
Ram Charan did a great job. His voice modulation has improved a lot and his dance moves in the number 'Laaila o Laaila' and 'Hey Naayak' are matchless.

He lives up to the expectations as he glides through his role as effortlessly as he can which makes for an amazing watch.

Kajal Aggarwal looks glamorous and does well but Amala Paul's role did not have enough scope to perform. Except for a couple of songs, she doesn't have any room for performance. 

Brahmanandam is at his usual best as Jilebi. He rules the roost and is simply terrific. Posani Krishna Murali's (as a Kolkata criminal) 'chocolate scenes' in the second half will tickles your funny bones

M.S.Narayana (drunken CBI) as lip reading specialist and Jayaprakash Reddy (as Rahul Dev's Pedananna) are good.

First half of the movie is okay with some entertainment by Charan and Bramanandam. The second half of the movie where the real crux lies, could have been constructed well.

Director Vinayak has not delivered his best with Nayak but has tried to balance the comedy with action to a large extent. The film's screenplay in the second half doesn't have zing and climax is tacky.

He has concentrated more on presentation resulting in a slick film with songs and action sequences. The film is pretty predictable with the second half kind of meandering unnecessarily.

Thaman's background score is elevates the tempo of the scenes and Chota K Naidy Cinematorgraphy is a big plus. 'Katti lanti Pilla' and 'Subhaleka Rsukunna' numbers were brilliantly shot

Story wise, Nayak offers nothing new. In fact, let alone the predictability factor, there is no extra effort taken by the makers to make it oomphier - say, through punchy dialogues and inventive action.

The racy first half of Nayak has all the elements of comedy, romance and action. The second half of the film is filled heavy dose of violence and action episodes.

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