Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tamil Heroes frustrated with Tollywood


Gone are the days where Tamil heroes enjoyed major share in Tollywood market. Now they are not enjoying the same reception from our audience and also are not being welcomed by our market like before. Tamil dubbed films used to make a business of more than forty crores in Tollywood at one time. That is not the scenario in the recent past.

All the dubbed films that were released in 2012 sank without a trace at Tollywood box office. Earlier Tamil dubbed films used to get good number of screens despite the competition. But due to restrictions over dubbed films, they are not being allowed to release during Telugu festivals. This is affecting the business of dubbed flicks.

Heroes like Suriya, Karthi, Vikram are charging high keeping their market value in Tollywood. But with the changed situation, they are getting frustrated. They are planning to come up with a solution to counter Telugu producers it seems. From now on they are planning to do multi-lingual films, which mean their films will be simultaneously made in Telugu as well. Then they won't be considered as dubbed films and should be allotted screens like any direct release film. But before that they have to pull off one or two hits to prove that they haven't lost steam in Tollywood circuit.

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