Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Colors Swathi Dominates Nikhil in Swamy Ra Ra

There is an enormous talk going on in film industry about this ravishing beauty and that talented director. But no one is revealing who is actually responsible for the things happening.

'Swamy Ra Ra' happens to be the upcoming film of hero Nikhil who is yet to score a big blockbuster after the success of his debut flick 'Happy Days'. More than Nikhil, Telugu hottie Swathi is getting lot of attention in the film as she has put on little bit weight and looking damn sexy. Apart from that, the interesting trailers and posters too got attention, and we should mention director Sudhir Varma's name regarding that. What amuses us more is that the satellite rights of the movie are sold out for 1.75 crores. They say that either Swathi's dazzling look or the creativity of this debutant director is responsible for that.

Whatever it is, 'Swamy Ra Ra' has generated enough hype for now and if the content could stand up to the mark, then Nikhil will be scoring a decent hit to start 2013 on bang.

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