Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hero Ram gets goosebumps for Chiru's film


Not very often does we could get goosebumps and it is the feeling one could get when seen inspirational work. Young hero Ram experiences every time he listens to the compositions of melody brahma Mani Sharma.

In a recent interview, Anchor asked whether Mani Sharma was chosen as he is getting recognized for his background score these days. Ram was quick enough to correct the mistake. 'Mani Sharma Garu is always known for his background score. Since childhood, I used to get goosebumps for his compositions. For example Indra. He is always been the background king and has done a fabulous job,' clarifies the actor.

Music director GV Prakash was the first choice for Ongole Gittha. Unfortunately, due to date issues he couldn't provide the background score despite composing four songs. Mani Sharma was taken on bound for one song and the re-recording.

Mani Sharma would be delighted to know that a promising young hero has high regard for his work. The songs of Ongole Gittha have already topped the charts and very good reports have been heard for the background score as well. Promos of Ongole Gittha promises an out-and-out entertainer. Wish it lives up to the hype!

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