Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pooja Bedi comes to her masseuse’s rescue

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The Bigg Boss contestant helps her distressed masseuse file a police complaint against her husband for domestic abuse
Pooja Bedi, who’s also known for her work as a social activist, came forward to help her masseuse file a complaint of domestic abuse against her alcoholic husband. The cops not only refused to register the case initially but also fined the masseuse for apparently creating a ruckus at the Bandra police station.

The 51-year-old Victoria Luis was allegedly beaten up with a hockey stick by her drunk husband Noha, at their Bandra home on Sunday. For two days, Victoria tried to lodge a complaint, but her plea went unnoticed. When she narrated her suffering to Bedi on Tuesday morning, Bedi decided to take charge of the situation thereby pressurising the police officers to file a FIR. Bedi also protested against the treatment meted out to Victoria, who was fined Rs 1,250 following an argument with her abusive husband at the police station on Monday.

Victoria has been working with Bedi for the last eight years and claims that her husband assaulted her and even threatened to “chop her into pieces” if she filed a complaint against him. She also said her husband would have continued to torment her had Pooja not come to her aid. Good job Pooja, keep it up!

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