Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hot Beauties Test on Tollywood Formula


There are lots of formulae framed by our love-gurus to woo hot beauties. But the one we are talking about is how to test a hot actress' pulse.

If you want someone to act in your flick then there is formula here to know about her thoughts rather asking her straight. Recently there was buzz everywhere that Sonam Kapoor will be acting aside Mahesh Babu in director Sreenu Vytla's upcoming flick. Puzzled by the heaping queries about the same, Sonam reportedly denied being asked to star in Mahesh's flick. They say that our makers wanted to test the pulse of Sonam and succeeded. Do you know how that happened?

A popular writer working on that film stated that Sonam was finalized beside Mahesh and our media groups started writing stories about it. So the formula is that if you want to test a hot girl's reaction, make a leak to media. Looks like we media should learn to separate content from context.

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