Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mega Star Should Stop Sitting Silent


The whole of film fraternity has extended their support and expressed their concern against the injustice meted to Kamal Haasan regarding his 'Viswaroopam' movie. But a big star like Chiru sitting silent about the issue is not looking good anymore.

India's another big-star Rajnikanth, popular Bollywood heroes, and Telugu star Nagarjuna and director Rajamouli have publicly given their opinion about the ill-treatment Tamilnadu government is giving to Kamal. They all condemned the ban of 'Viswaroopam' movie without giving any value to the maker and to the Censor Board's opinion. Hero Siddarth went on calling 'Taliban Tamilnadu' as the stated suppressed Kamal with iron hand. But still, a popular Megastar and responsible Union Minister, Chiru is not opening his mouth about the issue. Why?

'Megastar Chiranjeevi got time to greet and shake hands with Padma Bhushan winner Ramanaidu, but got no time to come in support of Kamal Haasan?' an ardent supporter of 'Ulaga Naayagan' asked. He added that Chiru is seeing every issue from political angle and missing the point of standing against atrocities irrespective of political relations. Is Chiru losing his image with this silence? Maybe yes!

Let us see if Chiru will really react for 'Viswaroopam' and stops sitting silent or if he will just continue in the way he is doing now!

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