Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Original Pregnant Lady For Telugu Kahaani


The talk everywhere is about Nayantara playing the pregnant lady rather than Anushka, who is the first choice. But latest talk is about signing original pregnant lady than Nayan. Check this out.

'Kahaani' is the super hit thriller flick in Hindi that had won many awards for popular voluptuous beauty Vidya Balan who shocked audiences with her pregnant lady acts. Coming to Telugu remake, buzz is that Nayantara will be playing the lead role. Rather roping in Nayan, who hasn't given any thrilling performance till date, how about roping in the original pregnant lady. They mean to say, how about signing Vidya Balan for the Telugu remake too.

Some critics say that Nayan just stayed mute and with blank expressions in 'Sri Rama Rajyam' all the time, but people got carried away by Seetha role and music. Other than that, she hasn't given any hair rising performance till date like a Vidya Balan. Let us see if our makers will give a thought about this or not.

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