Tuesday, January 29, 2013

R Narayana Murthy's Focus On Sexy Clothes


Red Star R Narayana Murthy is becoming a rebel star now with the kind of things he is doing. For the first time he has done an unthinkable and it looks like he is inviting the wrath of some people.

While presiding at a meeting, reportedly R Narayana Murthy has stated that the skimpy and sexy outfits worn by some urbane women are also responsible in a way for the rapes going on in the country. However, some women's organizations are not accepting this remark of Red Star. They say that there are millions of tribal women out there who cover from head to toe with a saree and still getting sexually assaulted. Had our red star forgotted all those incidents? Even in his movies, he has shown lot of tribal and suppressed classes woman raped by goons and those girls haven't worn any skimpy outfits. Had he forgotten that too, asked a women group leader. Maybe our red-star sould have maintained some poise.

Also, Narayana Murthy added that he would be making a movie on Delhi Gangrape Incident very soon though there are couple more films coming on the same incident. Is red star changing his ways?

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