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Bollywood bombshell Got Style Icon award


Bollywood bombshell Bipasha Basu, who is known for her hot and meaty roles, has been adjudged Style Icon award from leading film magazine Stardust for the year 2013. Awards are not new for Bips. Besides being a huge fitness icon to Indian women across the country, Bipasha is also known for her innate sense of style - winning herself consistent awards from the MTV Most Stylish Female Award in 2005 to 2012's NDTV Fittest star and The Global Indian Film and Television Award: Style Icon. This year the actress and fitness enthusiast walked award with the Stardust 2013 Style Icon of the Year Award.

She sported a vintage Gucci gown at the award show, and looked every bit the diva ,who won the trophy thanks to her eye catching fashion choices and unconventional styling in her various films and public appearances.

Speaking at the occasion Bipasha said, 'I always like experimenting with my looks and love trying out new styles. I don't believe in monotony or playing safe and that always works for me'.

Megastar Chiru In Spain


Megastar Chiranjeevi is in Spain at the moment on an official tour in the position of India's Union Minister of State for Tourism. It is heard that Chiru is busy signing some pacts with that European country to develop tourist packages between the two countries, after inaugurating AP Tourism stall at the International Travel Exhibition in Fitur, Spain.

Along with his wife Surekha, the Tollywood megastar was seen visiting historical tourist spots in Spain. And, his suit-looks are reminding people of why he ruled the top slot for decades for years.

Kiran Rathod Hot Photo Shoot Photos


Isha Chawla Removes Bold Scenes Of Mr Pellikoduku


It is already known that Isha Chawla is reprising the bold role of Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu Telugu remake which is titled as Mr Pellikoduku.

In the original, Kangana's smoking scene and the clip in which she shows tattoo on her chest have caught the attention of the film lovers. As the Telugu remake consists all the Hindi version scenes which clicked with the audience, Isha has no other option but to perform the bold scenes.

However, the actress feared such scenes could damage her girl-next-door image in Tollywood and pleaded her co-star Sunil to help her with the matter. Known to be good hearted person, the comedian-turned-hero gave his nod to trim the objectionable clips to make her feel comfortable.

Immediately, Isha sat on the editing table to chop off the smoking and chest tattoo scene. However, this move didn't go well with director Devi Prasad and the producer who felt those scenes could play vital role in film's success.

Only after the release, a clear picture of difference between the original and the remake will be known.

NTR Baadshah Latest Poster


The pose of NTR in the poster is a reflection of his unmatchable energy levels and powerhouse performance he delivers when required.  Baadshah promises wholesome entertainer with a perfect blend of engaging script, rib tickling comedy, rocking tunes, stunning visuals and never seen before stunts. Young Tiger is all set to roar again! Get ready to have a blast in theaters on April 5th!!!

April Fool (2013) Telugu MP3 songs Free Download


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Pooja Bedi comes to her masseuse’s rescue

Pooja Bedi, Pooja Bedi Bandra Police Station, Pooja Bedi Bigg Boss, Pooja Bedi Helps Her Masseuse, Pooja Bedi In Bigg Boss 5

The Bigg Boss contestant helps her distressed masseuse file a police complaint against her husband for domestic abuse
Pooja Bedi, who’s also known for her work as a social activist, came forward to help her masseuse file a complaint of domestic abuse against her alcoholic husband. The cops not only refused to register the case initially but also fined the masseuse for apparently creating a ruckus at the Bandra police station.

The 51-year-old Victoria Luis was allegedly beaten up with a hockey stick by her drunk husband Noha, at their Bandra home on Sunday. For two days, Victoria tried to lodge a complaint, but her plea went unnoticed. When she narrated her suffering to Bedi on Tuesday morning, Bedi decided to take charge of the situation thereby pressurising the police officers to file a FIR. Bedi also protested against the treatment meted out to Victoria, who was fined Rs 1,250 following an argument with her abusive husband at the police station on Monday.

Victoria has been working with Bedi for the last eight years and claims that her husband assaulted her and even threatened to “chop her into pieces” if she filed a complaint against him. She also said her husband would have continued to torment her had Pooja not come to her aid. Good job Pooja, keep it up!

Mai (2013) Hindi movie review

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The 80-year-old singer delivers a splendid performance as Mai, but the done-to-death story lets her – and you – down.
Those who have seen the trailer of Mai could very easily predict the story. You know what’s going to happen, but you wait to see how it actually happens. So what is it that makes Mai special? Good performances, delightful dialogues and some scenes that make you laugh and cry (obviously for good reason!). At the same time, the film does not overwhelm or make you think too much, because you have seen it umpteen times before on celluloid.

Mai is a heart-rending tale about a mother-daughter relationship, the lead characters portrayed by Asha Bhosle and her real-life niece Padmini Kolhapure as Madhu. It’s the same ghisa-pita story of an old woman who is no longer wanted by her children. Mai’s beloved son Munna lets her down and abandons her as soon as he lands a lucrative job in the USA. The younger two daughters also shy away from the responsibility of taking care of their aged mother, but the eldest, Madhu comes to her rescue and proves to be the only child Mai can rely upon.

At home, Madhu’s disagreements with husband Subhash (Ram Kapoor) over their responsibility to Mai get uglier; Madhu also has to contend with a tremendous amount of pressure at her workplace. Trying to maintain a fine balance between her personal and professional life, Madhu is finally forced to quit her job due to Mai’s deteriorating health. At this emotionally tearing juncture, Mai and Madhu reconnect, reminding us all that love for your parents should be eternal and not adjusted as per convenience.

Sounds familiar, no? Mai has nothing new to offer besides Asha Bhosle playing the central character who suffers from the horrendous disease, Alzheimer’s, but chances are that the film may touch many a heart. Some of the scenes are new and grab attention, like the climax where Mai shivers with pain on her hospital bed and eventually dies, or where Mrs Bhosle humorously says – Ladkiyon ko unki umar nahi poochte. Script-wise the film suffers in several places and has moments that are not convincing – for instance, there is no valid reason why a responsible journalist like Subhash refuses to take the responsibility of his mother-in-law and later suddenly changes his mind.

Hats off to the legendary 80-year-old Padma Bhushan-awardee singer-actor who has made a striking debut in and as Mai. Every movement, every cringe of Bhosle’s expressive face goes several miles to prove that she can also act. What happens to Mai in the film is something we have seen happening with a number of women who reach this difficult and delicate stage in life, when their own near and dear ones – to whom they have dedicated their whole lives – find it so easy to cast them out, neglect them and humiliate them. The problems Asha Bhosle faces with her family in the film are problems faced by women in every class and section of society today. Through its two-hour long narrative, Mai makes it clear that a girl child is not a curse, but a blessing, a point proven by the decent performance of Padmini Kolhapure, a fine actor. Despite its generally soppy feel, the film might be a winner in the emotional department, appealing to the family crowd.

Our opinion – wait for the world television premiere!

Midnight’s Children (2013) Hindi Movie Review

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Cineswami feels Deepa Mehta’s Midnight’s Children is a film South Asians will love although its initial reviews in the West were not positive
To even attempt filming a book that was widely considered impossible to film is praiseworthy in itself. And to tackle a much-loved book that carries the burden of so much acclaim, not to mention winning the Booker and Booker of Bookers is worth some kudos. But for Deepa Mehta to have pulled off the feat of translating Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children to celluloid and managing to make it for the most part engaging cinema is deserving of the highest praise.

The film is essentially the story of Saleem Sinai, a boy born on the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947, that precise, joyous moment when India gained independence from the colonial yoke. Saleem is actually not born into the wealthy Sinai family. He is in fact the bastard child of an eccentric Englishman, William Methwold and Vanita, the wife of the itinerant accordionist Wee Willie Winkie. However, hospital nurse Mary Pereira, in a fit of revolutionary fervour decides to give a rich baby a poor life and vice versa. So she switches Vanita’s baby, born at the exact same time as Saleem with that of Mrs Sinai. Thus the real Sinai heir is brought up as Shiva, a glowering child, simmering with rage at his poverty, reduced to barking in time with his accordionist father’s off-key rendition of ‘How much is that doggie in the window’. Meanwhile, a repentant Mary quits her job at the hospital and joins the Sinai household as Saleem’s ayah. As Saleem grows, he discovers that he can telepathically communicate with hundreds of children who have been born in the hour after midnight on August 15 and he alone has the power to unite them. Each of these children has a special power and is meant for a great calling. Amongst these is Parvati, who has magical powers. The destinies of Saleem, Shiva and Parvati are inextricably linked in the tumultuous years following India’s independence, as events like wars with Pakistan, the formation of Bangladesh and the Emergency unfold.

Rushdie’s novel is dense, layered, complex and magic realist and the author has done a commendable job of condensing it into a screenplay, his debut in the format. It helps that significant passages are told in voice-over, in Rushdie’s own distinctive voice. Inevitably, transposing a 446-page book into a 146-minute movie means some sacrifices and therefore some characters and events have had to be excised, but the film is none the poorer for it.

Mehta’s career has lurched from the sublime (1947: Earth) to the ridiculous (Bollywood Hollywood) and though Water earned her an Oscar nomination and was stunning to look at, it was badly let down by the casting of the ever-wooden John Abraham in a central role. In Midnight’s Children, Mehta gets the casting mostly right. Debutant Satya Bhabha passes muster in the central role of Saleem, but it is Siddharth who has the most commanding screen presence as Saleem’s nemesis Shiva. After failing abjectly in her last international film The Other End Of The Line, Shriya Saran is luminous as Parvati. Other standouts include the ever-reliable Shahana Goswami as Saleem’s mother Amina, Seema Biswas as Mary, and Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Picture Singh, a gnarled snake charmer. And Ronit Roy reprises his glowering father from Udaan. Shabana Azmi plays herself, a shrew, and the stiff Rahul Bose is perfectly cast as a stiff army man. But there are missteps too. Soha Ali Khan is woefully miscast as Saleem’s sister Jamila. Her character is based on the nightingale of Pakistan, Noor Jehan, and casting Soha is as insulting as Veena Malik playing Lata Mangeshkar in a biopic. Try as she might, Soha looks like her brother Saif Ali Khan in drag, during his younger, more feminine looking days. Clearly none of the Sharmila Tagore acting genes has been transferred to her.

But these are minor quibbles in a film, a grand spectacle that takes in the sweep of sub-continental history in a flourish thanks to Mehta’s confident direction, Giles Nuttgens’s lavish cinematography and Nitin Sawhney’s outstanding score. It’s all the more remarkable for the fact that, thanks to her experience with fundamentalists during Water, Mehta chose to film in Sri Lanka and has managed to recreate India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in the island country with nary a seam showing.

However, many overseas critics have been left cold by Mehta’s vivid film and reviews have not been great. They can be forgiven as only audiences with beating South Asian hearts for whom our history is embedded in our DNA will truly be immersed in the film, and immersive it is, without a trace of ennui. It is sad that if Indian audiences do get to see the film, it will be a censored version as, like the book, the movie is heavily critical of the Emergency and Indira Gandhi’s role in it. And, since we live in the world’s largest democracy, freedom of expression is not allowed. Pity, because the film is an allegory for India’s progress or lack thereof in the 40-odd years after independence, as exemplified by the titular midnight’s children, all of whom are supposed to attain greatness, but don’t.

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Irrfan Khan a thinking woman’s sex symbol


The Life Of Pi actor will be playing a sexy gangster in the movie Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster Returns
Irrfan Khan is not a conventional Bollywood hero, but his success as an actor in India and on an international level proves that this Khan also has a Dabangg personality. Now, the Life of Pi actor is set to play the role of a sexy gangster in his Paan Singh Tomar director Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster Returns (SBAGR). But is Irrfan really sexy?

Does his intellectual vibe make him a thinking woman’s sex symbol? Or does his earthy personality make him attractive? Or is it his big eyes? Director Tigmanshu explains, “Irrfan’s got a great sex appeal and he triggers the sensitive side of women in an intellectual way. He’s not for frivolous women, but for those with substance. Any woman who has some intellect will find Irrfan really attractive.”

The director goes on to say that he has observed how women blush when they meet Irrfan. “He doesn’t get a reaction like people screaming his name but I can see the admiration, lust and passion for him,” he adds. We are sure these are the very reasons why Tigmanshu decided to cast Irrfan in this role.

In SBAGR, Irrfan plays a man of royal descent who has lost everything. He becomes a small town gangster who holds a grudge against Jimmy Shergill and wants to reclaim his lost glory. Jimmy marries Soha Ali Khan who becomes the choti bahu (younger daughter-in-law). Irrfan is her protector, who also has a liaison with Mahie Gill.

We can’t wait to see Irrfan play the seducer, and we are sure this thinking actor can pull it off quite easily. But we would like to ask you girls out there: Do you think Irrfan Khan is sexy? Take the poll and tell us.

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Telugu Directors @ Foreign Paithyam


When a director started shooting the opening of his films and a major part of first half of the movie in a foreign location, everyone followed it. And now, this 'paithyam' expanded to other areas too.

With a couple of directors going for foreign babes like Gabriela Bertante, Scarlet Wilson and Natalia Kaur for their hot item-songs, others followed them blindly. Puri did it and others like Omkaar followed it. Once again, Puri Jagan has roped in a foreign fight-master Kechha for 'Iddarammayilatho' and his colleagues are following it. Latest news is that Hollywood fight master Conrad Palmisano of 'Ek Tha Tiger' fame is working for Mahesh-Sukumar film.

In the name of giving thrilling treat to audiences, Telugu directors are no doubt showing this foreign 'paithyam' which is of no use. Rather that, give a chance to our very own actors and technicians who are not getting right opportunity to show their talent.


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Release Date: 08 Feb 2013
Genre: Action - Romance
Language: Telugu
Director: Koratala Siva
Producer: Pramod Uppalapati, Vamsi Krishna Reddy
Cast: Prabhas as Krishna 
Anushka Shetty 

Mirchi is a romantic action movie in which, Prabhas, Anushka Shetty and Richa Gangopadhyay are playing the main lead roles. while Tamil actor Sathyaraj and Nadhiya playing important roles in this movie. Hamsa Nandini did a Special appearance in title song.

Dialogue writer Koratala Shiva of Brindavanam and Oosaravelli fame, has turned a director with this movie. V. Vamsi Krishna Reddy and Pramod Uppalapati are jointly producing this movie under UV Creations banner. Devi Sri Prasad scored music for this movie.

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Zilla Ghaziabad (2013) – Hindi Mp3 Songs Download

Director : Anand Kumar

Star Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Vivek Oberoi, Paresh Rawal, Minissha Lamba & others.

Music Director :Amjad Nadeem
Lyricst : Shabbir Ahmed
MP3 Bitrate: 200Kbps (VBR)

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Nagma Regrets Rejecting Life Time Achievement Award


Yesteryear actress Nagma is doing a big scene with the organizers of Jaipur International Film Festival promising her a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' and scrapping it later. But the whole thing is looking like a comedy.

The actress stated that she rejected the award initially saying that she is too young to receive that award, but later got convinced by the organizers via SMS and e-mail. However in the last minute, the award was given to veteran heroine Sharmila Tagore in honor of her services to Indian cinema. So, Nagma is crying now. In the first place, Nagma should have rejected the award not for the point that she is too young, but for the reason that there are bigger achievers than her in Indian film industry.

For example, people like Sharmila Tagore have couple of National Awards, Filmfares and other awards in their showcase, but Nagma never achieved one. Also Nagma hasn't done any de-glam and artistic roles to prove her mettle rather those skin-show kinds. Even in politics, Nagma is still trying to prove her mark but hasn't got any. So how come she will be getting a 'lifetime achievement award'?

Neha Sharma Hot in Jayatabhai ki Luvstory

Generally deserts are hot with sun on top, but this beauty is heating them more with her rough and rugged sex appeal. Red hot siren Neha Sharma is scorching sands with her thunderous looks in an upcoming Hindi movie 'Jayanthabhai Ki Luv Story' that features Vivek Oberoi in the lead.

Draped in a white satin shirt, Neha Sharma is seen indulging in a bare leg show that soars temperatures. Her wilder sex appeal comes through those erotic expressions on face and the pleasure is given by those slender thighs running for the hero. Imagine how married hero Vivek is able to control the pulse, while we are not!