Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prakash Raj's Bare Body Seen In Ongole Gitta Movie


Will anyone expect a bare body treat from a male actor and that too a character artist? Off course, earlier versatile actor Kamal Haasan has given such treat and now another talented artist is getting ready with it.

Most talented actor in the kitty of Tollywood, Prakash Raj is now gearing up to give cloth less treat in his upcoming movie. Surprisingly, this is not happening for any art movie, but he is going to do this feat in 'Ongole Gitta' movie. In a particular scene, Prakash wants to show utter reality and after getting a nod from director Bommarillu Bhaskar, he did this unthinkable act. Even Censor Board got shocked with this and issued 'A' certificate to the movie. This should be a little shock to producers, as this 'A' Certificate will bring down their profits a little.

On the other hand, hero Ram is quite excited about this 'mass' flick as he is hoping it to become another 'Naayak' in 2013. Wish him luck folks.

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