Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hero Tarakarathna using NTR's Name Again

Tarakarathna aka NTR is on a signing spree these days and is almost working on three flicks at a time. For his upcoming movie 'Eduruleni Alexander' he is once again doing the same publicity stunt. Let us see what is it.

In all his previous films, Tarakaratna used the name of legendary NTR in one way or the other to make them work at Box Office. But everything went against the tide and got sealed under the waters. And now Tarakaratna is once again using NTR's name and this time he is coming up with a special song that comprises of NTR's movie names as lyrics. Cine analysts are saying that this is reminding them of old Telugu saying 'Selling fruits in the name of tree'. Maybe this new NTR should come up with some other interesting strategy to make his mark at Box Office rather these old ideas.

However, Tarakaratna's films are starting like mushrooms and completing like irrigation-projects, but they are not getting released. Our struggling hero should focus on this aspect too.

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