Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Neeraj Pandey's 'Special 26' latest news


Neeraj Pandey who directed 'A Wednesday' is someone who scans newspapers and then starts following an interesting story. And the incident finally finds its way on celluloid.

In 80s there was a fake CBI gang that would loot the rich and corrupt people. And their modus operandi was hugely successful as no politician, industrialist was ready to actual say how much blank money they have absconded with. And that's what 'Special 26' is all about. The fake CBI gang is headed by Anupam Kher and Akshay Kumar.

One such high profile case has been captured in the film. It is legend that from former communication minister Sukh Ram puja ghar CBI had found 300 crs stacked below the flooring. A raid by CBI had shaken the nation.

Akshay Kumar raids the residence and from their puja ghar discover 300 crs. Only politician's wife and daughter are home and they have no explanation.

Did you know? Sukh Ram is a former union communication minister in Indian National Congress Government. He was accused of causing a loss of Rs 1.6 crore to the exchequer by favouring a Hyderabad- based private firm in the purchase of telecom equipment. He, along with two others, was convicted in 2002.

In 1995 when the reported manipulation of bids by Sukh Ram to facilitate private firms at the cost of millions of rupees to the government blew into the open, it came to be termed as the "mother of all scandals". A raid by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) that revealed Rs. 36.6 million rupees stashed in Sukh Ram's official residence

On August 16, CBI sleuths descended on Sukh Ram's official residence at 12, Safdarjung Lane, Delhi

In Delhi, detectives discovered high-denomination currency notes to the tune of Rs 2.45 crore. Much of the money was packed into suitcases and stashed away in the puja room, sharing space with bottles of scotch. Sukh Ram's daughter, who was at home, could offer no coherent explanation.

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