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Dhoni Telugu Movie Review

Dhoni Review – Dhoni Telugu Movie Review, Rating, 
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Music : Ilayaraja
Producer : prakash raj
Direction :
 prakash raj  
Dhoni Tamil Film Review: Prakash Raj, who made debut as director in Kannada with the remake of Aakasamantha, comes to show his directorial skills to Telugu and Tamil audiences with Dhoni. It is also a remake of Marathi movie “Shikshanacha Aaicha Gho” directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. This film deals about the problems with the current education system and a middle class father’s fight for his son’s better future.


Subramanyam (Prakash Raj) is a lower middle class widower with two kids. He works as a clerk in a government office and runs his family on tight budget. He never compromises on his kids education and he spends a fortune on their studies. But his son Karthik (Aakash) is not interested in studies, but is a talented cricket player. Subramanyam can’t just leave his son staying away from education and a secured future. In one angry moment, he hits his kid and goes into coma. Subramanyam then realizes his mistake and starts to fight against the education system.


Dhoni is a predictable story right from the outset. We know what it is going to offer from the trailers itself. What counts is how the story was narrated. Prakash Raj has only half succeeded in getting his narration correct.

First half of the film is really good with some good humor sprinkled here and there. Prakash Raj sets the right atmosphere for a middle class family and he has brought the life in to the film with natural scenes. At times we feel like we are watching our neighbor’s or our own life on screen.

However, the story gets too complicated at the interval point. Whom should the protagonist blame for his son’s condition? Where does the fault lie? Prakash Raj’s search for answers for the above questions doesn’t seem logical. The film completely takes sidetrack from the TV talk show scene (which was poorly conceived). Climax is not up to the mark.

Dhoni failed to live up to the cause that it was made for. On a whole it is a good attempt that fails to get the message right.


Prakash Raj is brilliant as an actor. He has excelled in every scene. Aakash is fine within his limitations. Radhika Apte is neat. Murali Sharma’s role is interesting but poorly etched. Gollapudi, Tanikella Bharani and Brahmanandam did their bit.


Concept of the film is good. Screenplay in the second half is pretty bad. Dialogues are natural. Cinematography is fine. Editing could have been better.

Ilayaraja’s background score is an asset. Songs are in sync with the mood of the film. Production values are up to the mark. Prakash Raj’s direction is good in parts. He should have handled the second half in a better way. Talk show scene is crucial from the subject point of view, but Prakash Raj failed as a director in that scene. Even the climax scenes highlight his shortcomings as a director.

Final Word:

Dhoni can be watched once for the intentions it was made. A better second half with heart touching moments might have done wonders to it.

Dhoni Movie Rating: 2.5/5

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