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SMS (Siva Manasulo Sruthi) Movie Review

SMS Review – Siva Manasulo Shruti Telugu Movie Review, Rating, 
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Casting : Naga Sudhir Babu, Regina,
Music Director : Selva
Producer : Ghatamaneni Priya  
Directior : Thatineni Satya 

SMS Film Review: A new star from Superstar Krishna, Mahesh Babu family makes debut with SMS, a remake of Tamil hit Siva Manasala Shakti (SMS). Tatineni Satya of ‘Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu’ fame directed it.

Siva (Sudhir) is a courier boy, who falls in love with RJ Shruti (Regina) at the first sight. They cheat each other by telling lies about their professions and later they come to know about the actual facts. Cat and mouse game starts between the two which eventually turns into unexpressed love. Siva’s odd behavior puts Shruti off and the couple gets separated. How they unite forms the climax of the film.


SMS is a romantic comedy which doesn’t take itself serious. That is the beauty of this cute little fun film. The film starts off on a dull note. Initial scenes don’t impress you much. But once the ‘love fight’ starts between the lead pair, things get smoother and funnier.

There are numerous one liners that will have you in splits. Also the love story seems cute and sweet in the first hour. Despite some shortcomings, SMS first half does impress the audience. Second half too is dealt in a lighter vein mode.

Inconsistency in hero’s characterization seems to be the biggest problem for SMS. He doesn’t act wise and speaks trash that puts the heroine as well as the audience off. Director made it up with the neatly done climax sequence.

SMS is a movie for young audience and it will please the target audiences. It is worth a watch for the comedy and freshness.

Sudhir did a fine job for a first timer. He is good at dances. Voice seems to be his biggest weakness. Performance wise he is okay. Regina is the find of the season. She did a brilliant job. Vinay Mohan is hilarious with his comedy punches. Vennela Kishore too excelled in his role. Saranya is loud. Tagubothu Ramesh did his usual ‘drunkard’ comedy in one scene. Kasi Viswanadh and others are okay in their respective roles.


Music by Selva Ganesh is average. Songs are good to watch, but not great on ears. Nandyala Ravi’s dialogues are pretty good. Chitti Babu’s cinematography is just okay. There is nothing noticeable on the editor’s part. Production values are fine.

Director Tatineni Satya handled the movie well barring few odd scenes. He should try to make a straight movie as remakes will never give the clear picture about a director’s talent. He made subtle yet effective changes to the original script and that is laudable.

Final Word:

SMS is a fun movie which should get good response from the target audience. It falls in the category of films like Ala Modalaindi, Ashta Chamma etc. Watch SMS if you liked those films.

SMS Movie Rating: 3/5

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