Saturday, February 18, 2012

Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Precious Car

Regular and timely maintenance for a car is quite significant in order to eliminate future breakdowns and unnecessary troubles. Though the maintenance is a tough task but few basic car maintenance tipscan actually help you keep the vehicle in top most condition, all you need is to follow the below mentioned points to make your vehicle run that extra kilometer, thus allowing you to have a flawless journey. Remember that if you care for your car in the short run, it will surely take care of you in the long run.

Without getting into the details of making your car check every 5,000 kms we must straight away go to monthly maintenance required by our car in order to render smooth driving experience without any break-ups. So the first thing you need to check in your car every month is the tires. Check the tire pressure of all your tires and better inflate them properly according to the mentioned details whether from the owner’s manual or your car door panel. Check the tread on your tires and see whether your tires need an alignment or not. When your tires wear-out from the edge, this directly indicates that the tires immediately need an alignment. Also rotate your car tires every 10,000 kms or when required as per schedule.
Another significant point to keep in mind is the tuning up of your vehicle as per schedule. Generally the tuning up of car includes change of spark plugs, spark plug cables, oil, fuel, and air filter change etc. Of course the same varies according to the model and year of the vehicle or as mentioned in the owner’s manual of the car model you own. So tune-up your car every 5,000 kms and always consult the guide book in order to keep your vehicle in very best condition.
It’s good to keep a check on your car belts and tubes for any wear-outs or leaks. The integral parts of your car needs to be repaired and adjusted according to mentioned timeline in your car’s manual and it’s recommended to better check them after every 1,60,000 kms. The prior maintenance for a car is done in order to eliminate unnecessary botherations, else it will cost heavily on the pocket and later you need to pay much more than required.
The mentioned points are quite general in nature and are actually universal between any make and model. Obviously there is much more than basic maintenance, but if the same is implemented as per schedule, your car will promise you amazing performance with a journey worth remembering. Owning a car is itself a big thing and taking care of the same will also prove fruitful in long term as it will not only enhance the life-span of your vehicle but will render a great performance as well.

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