Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yoga for Better Sex

Great sex is a terrific mind-body experience- as is yoga. Yoga not only relieves stress-one of the drive dampeners-but also improves flexibility, increases blood flow, strengthens your lower abdomen and fills you with energy that help steam things up in the bedroom. Try these yoga poses for better sex.

Poorna Halasana: Lie on your back with your feet together, palms resting on the floor. Inhale and then while exhaling raise both your legs up. With the help of your palms, raise your hips up and bring your toes above your head, without bending your knees. Now interlock your fingers with each other, stretch your arms together and hold the position. Breathe normally while in this position, keeping the neck and face muscles relaxed. Come back to the original position in reverse order. How it helps: This asana is known to sublimate sexual energies by strengthening the pelvic area. It alleviates menstruation discomfort, and claims to remedy certain sexual disorders.

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