Friday, February 10, 2012

Rushi Telugu Movie Review

Rushi Review – Rushi Telugu Movie Review, Rating, Rushi Film Review: Prestigious production house Prasad productions produced this film and that has been the sole selling point for Rushi, which has no attractive star cast or any side attractions. Here is the review…

Banner : Prasad Productions
Casting : Supriya Shailaja, Aravind Krishna,
Music : Snigdha
Producer : Ramesh Prasad
Direction : Raj Madiraj   


Rushi (Aravind Krishna) is an arrogant medico, who wins hearts of his co students and tutors slowly. Pooja (Supriya Sailaja) and Rushi’s friendship starts with few misunderstandings and later they fall in love. Rushi gives aid to Karthik, a seven year old boy in an emergency. That irks the authorities and they reprimand him for treating a kid without proper knowledge. Rushi learns that Karthik is suffering from heart ailment and there is a need of heart transplant. Meanwhile, Rushi suffers with brain tumor and he wants his heart to be transplanted for Karthik. Rest of the film is about Rushi’s legal struggle and his battle to save Karthik.


These days films are not as promising as the trailers. Rushi is an exception for it. The film is definitely better than the trailers. The film has a novel point and doesn’t follow the beaten track. There is a lot of research done by the director about the medicos and it is evident. He got a solid story on hands but the treatment needed some fine tuning before it hit the floors.

Director’s inexperience played foul game in crucial scenes where he faltered big time. The film lacked the drama despite having so much scope for it. There is an imitation of Happy Days and 3 Idiots here and there. Except for the heroine, none of the side characters are etched properly.

The other medicos around Rushi behave so mean that it would be hard to believe that they are going to take up a responsible job. First half is okay with routine scenes and the second half starts on a good note. Climax is a letdown with poor handling of the director.


Aravind Krishna’s performance is flat with single expression throughout the film. He needs to sharpen his skills if he is planning for fulltime career in films. His dialogue delivery also needs some adjustments. Sailaja Supriya is confident and there is ease in her performance. Suresh is good as an arrogant professor. Master Gourav provides few light moments.


Don Chandra’s songs are bad, but background score is neat. Tribhuvan Babu’s cinematography and Sreekar Prasad’s editing stands out. Production values are good. Director excelled in few scenes and faltered in key episodes. On a whole he shows promise.

Final Word:

Rushi is a novel film which surprises the viewers with a very good story point. Had they got the execution right, it would have been a good film too. Try it if you are looking for something different from the routine run of the mill stuff.

Rushi Movie Rating: 2/5

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