Saturday, February 9, 2013

Samantha Is Not Going Nayan's Way


Of course there is no comparison between that senior heroine and this young beauty, who is rocking the circuit at the moment. But some things look very close and hence human minds draw similarities.

Both Nayantara and Samantha have fallen in love when their career is at peaks. In Nayan's case, the affair went for a toss and collapsed. But in Samantha's case the love is still fresh like air. Coming to point, after falling in love, Nayan shocked everyone by saying no to skin shows. Some producers have fought with her regarding this, but ended up in denial. However, Samantha is not doing the same even after falling in love. She is getting ready to sport an ultra-glamorous look for her upcoming movie with Bellamonda Suresh's son.

Many successful heroines like Kareena and Aishwarya played the same formula always, saying that showing skin has nothing to do with love-life. Let us see how Samantha sets screens blazing with her sex-appeal in the coming days.

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