Monday, February 4, 2013

Big Magazine's Paid Comedy On Hero


One of India's best magazines has come up with a special edition on a Tollywood hero and this happens to be a comedy of errors. Reading the whole thing is raising many doubts and here it goes.

Off course, no doubt this hero is a big one at the moment but that doesn't mean he is No.1 from decades. Only a couple of years back he reached the spot, and before that he struggled with flops. However, our magazine stated that all records in Tollywood are in his name, including top grosser and best debut flick.

With everyone knowing the top grosser of Tollywood, they are just laughing why this magazine reported blindly in that way. Some say that this is a paid article and a work of a hardcore fan of our hero. Whatever it is, if facts are distorted then no one will believe a big media house too

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