Monday, February 4, 2013

Fine imposed on Mahesh Babu's Caravan


As part of the special drive, the caravan which Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu uses was fined by Tolichowki police on Friday for having tinted glasses.

Based on the Supreme Court directive, the hyderabad cops have passed strict orders to the vehicle owners to remove the dark film, else a challan of Rs 500 or more will be issued.

As per the rule, the transparency of the front and rear glasses should be 70 percent and a minimum of 50 percent for side glasses. Only official vehicles of VVIPs with 'Z' and 'Z+' security were allowed to use the dark tinted film.

Mahesh owns one of the most expensive caravan's in the country and it was specially designed in Pune to suit the taste of the actor. If there is no dark film for the star's vanity van, a law & order problem is bound to happen and it must be cops who will have to face the tough time controlling the excited mobs. Such were our laws!

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