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Movie review: Yamudiki Mogudu

Allari Naresh shares a roaring chemistry with the glamorous Richa Panay in the movie
Satti Babu latest Telugu comedy Yamudiki Mogudu is a one-time watch comic film.

The plot revolves around Naresh (played by Allari Naresh) who fails 12 times in his class 12 exams. The reason - he was born without Talarata (fate) thanks to a mistake committed by Lord Brahma (played by Chalapati Rao). Oblivious of the powers resulting from this, he settles down as a drama artiste. However, Narada (played by Senior Naresh) wants to rectify his father's mistake by making him the son-in-law of Lord Yama (played by Sayaji Shinde). So, he plays matchmaker between Yama's daughter Yamaja (played by Richa Panay) and Naresh. The rest of the story deals with how Naresh wins Lord Yama's heart helped by Yama's wife Ayyo (played by Ramyakrishna).

Allari Naresh is at his usual best. He plays his character with eloquent ease, maintains perfect comic timing and shows equal ease in dance and love sequences, besides sharing a roaring chemistry with the glamorous Richa Panay. The characterisation of Lord Yama, though, is a bit over the top. The comic dynamic between Master Bharat and Lord Krishna is hilarious. Ramyakrishna proves that she is necessary for the film - though only during the last 10 minutes of the climax. Chandramohan as Naresh's father is routine.

Cinematography is poor in the second half as is the editing, compensated in part by the art direction. Koti's music is average. Kranti Reddy Sakinela has done a good job with the dialogue.

Director Satti Babu loses his grip in the second half. The screenplay in the second half is mediocre.

Watch the film for the first half and go home. The entire second half is boring but for a few scenes.

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