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Ko Ante Koti Movie Review

 Ko Ante Koti Movie Review
Rating: 2.75/5
A petty thief Maya Master (Srihari) who is frustrated of petty robberies plans to settle in life with big chunk of money and eventually aims for a big heist. For that matter, he forms a team with Vamsi (Sharwanand) and two others PC and Chitti and agrees to share the money in equal parts. Here comes a twist from one of its core members who backstab the rest of the team. Who is he? What made him to back stab them has to be watched on screen.
The movie starts off well with a thrilling heist plan and eventually deviates from the plot. Director Anish Kuruvilla has stuffed in comedy quotient and love track in the middle and has no clue on how to keep the tempo going. Though the dialogues and comedy looks promising, the movie goes off the track and fails to invoke the wow factor. The audience feels bored at times and the incomplete episodes will leave you unsatisfied. The concept of the movie is different from the routine flicks and the director failed to present it more effectively, in fact to the potential. The narration looks incomplete and mars the realistic feel. However, the love track between the lead pair is decent to watch and the onscreen chemistry between them worked like a charm.  
The background score elevates the essence of the film and couple of good scenes will keep you engaged at one point. Both Srihari and Sharwanand have done an exceptional job in the crucial parts of the film. The twists that come and the suspense factor have been dealt well. The screenplay is poor and confusion prevails in the narration. One will expect a decent treatment to the thrilling heist episode but the director has completely lost the grip to carry it with clichéd narration. The justification to backstabbing episode is not effective. The entire movie looks stylish and looks good only in parts. 
Hero Sharwanand who has acted in versatile films has chosen a mass formula for the first time in ‘Ko Ante Koti’. His transformation as a commercial hero in this movie will be received with applause. He looked stylish in many scenes and emotes well. Srihari has acted with ease and his possessiveness on money is shot well. Priya Anand as a village girl looks refreshing. Director Anish Kuruvilla has made the film look stylish and captured every frame beautifully. The execution failed with poor screenplay and this is where exactly the director has lost the grip over the film. The toggling between heist, love track and comedy lacks balance and apparently makes you fazed. Overall, Ko Ante Koti is a versatile film with confused plot and poor narration.  
Srihari has done a good job but nothing extraordinary as Maya Master. Sharwanand has delivered a reviting performance and his style, ease in acting is appreciated. Priya Anand is pleasant and delivered a decent performance. Kausha is hot and seductive. Others are OK.
Cinematography is superb. Music by Shakti Kanth Karthick is excellent. Lyrics by Sreshta in the songs are meaningful and catchy. Dialogues are fantastic. Editing could have been crisp.

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