Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nakhangal (2013) Malayalam Movie Review

Nakhangal Movie Review ... Malayalam Movie Reviews ... Nakhangal - Poor performances ruin 'Nakhangal'


Cast: Madan Mohan, Megha, Nandu
Direction: Suresh Krishna
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Story: Three youngsters live together in a house and they are struggling to meet their monthly rent. Then a fourth tenant arrives, who is later found dead in the room with a bagful of cash. The trio's decision changes the course of their life.
Movie Review: What is most intriguing about Nakhangal is not its mystery but its very title. Although the film drags for good two-and-a-half merciless hours with its damp mystery, it never gives a hint as to why the film is titled so. Although one of the characters, in his distorted maniacal ravings, creates an impression that he would use his nails anytime, it doesn't happen which further deepens the mystery behind the title.

The film moves around two boys and a girl who share a house. The arrival of a fourth tenant gives way to murder, love, suspicion and tension. Murders happen one after another happen and the narrative gets thickened with blood.

What is lost in the bloodshed is a purpose, a motive reasonable enough to spur the series of murders. Amateurish acting ruins whatever is left of a badly conceived and poorly crafted film. Nakhangal tagged a thriller simply because of its blood-dripping narrative, sorely tests the patience of the viewer. There are some weak attempts to depict the meaningless pursuit of money and greed. However the insipid narrative makes the film a bad watch.

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