Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kamal knocks court doors

Kamal Hassan who has been facing several problems since day one of his dream project ‘Viswaroopam’ was quite upset with Tamilnadu government’s decision of imposing a ban on his film in the state. Hence, he has filed a petition in Chennai High Court, asking to issue a stay order on the government’s decision.

When he is about to begin his film a year ago, director Selva Raghavan,who is supposed to direct the film has walked out of the film stating dates problem. Then Kamal Hassan has to carry on with the film as its director as well as hero of the film.

His dream to romance with Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha also shattered with the girl turning down his offer stating dates problem. After completing his Rs.160 crores heavy budget film, he had troubles from film distributors and theater owners in Tamilnadu state, which he resolved through negotiations. When, everything seems to be in its place and film is all set to release on January 25th, Tamilnadu government succumbed to pressures from some Muslim organizations of the state has imposed a ban on screening of the film in the state on yesterday. Kamal Hassan, who is quite upset to go though all these odd things have approached the High Court to get released his film. In his petition, he states that even the government can’t interfere in the release of a film when it was cleared by censor board. He is anxiously waiting for a favorable decision from the High Court.

Latest news is, today some Muslim organizations in Hyderabad city have approached city police Commissioner Anurag Sharma demanding for ban on the film in the state.

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