Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yama Muduru Movie Review



Cast: Prithviraj, Priyamani, Bala, Meera Nandhan
Direction: Diphan
Genre: Action
Duration: 2 hours 17 minutes
Rating : 3/5
StoryAn honest Brahmin boy from modest surroundings joins a college in the city, where a gang of baddies creates havoc in his life. After lots of suffering and pain, he decides to take on the villains

Movie Review: A Telugu dubbed version of the 2009 Malayalam blockbuster Puthiya Mugham, (Yama Muduru) is a made to order revenge drama, which is designed to thrill the audience complete with eye catching visuals, breathtaking action episodes, great music and a debonair protagonist.

Krishna Kumar (Prithvi Raj) is a small-town Brahmin boy from conservative family moves to college to pursue engineering. A gifted musician, he soon becomes the toast of the college. He also makes enemies of the gang of goons headed by Sudhi ( Bala), the youngest sibling of the two goons who control the real estate mafia in the city. As luck would have it Sudhi's fiancee Anjana ( Priyamani) develops a liking for Krishna. Sudhi, along with his goons beats up Krishna and leave him for dead. After a while an all new Krishna with rippling muscles comes back to seek his revenge.

There are shades of Aparichithudu and Ghajini in the movie that you cannot miss. The fast paced narrative along with the slick editing makes for a good viewing experience. As far as performances go, it is a Prithvi Raj show all the way. He has the author backed role and he carries the film on his shoulders. The action sequences are well shot and the movie is loaded with lots of style. There is just enough of everything in the movie to keep you hooked to your seats despite the predictable plotline.

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