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Binami Telugu Movie Review

Binami Telugu Movie Review

Cast: Vinay Rai, Kajal Agarwal
Direction: Saran
Genre: Thriller
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes
Movie Review: 2.5/5

StoryIn the world of business tycoons, money flows in millions and assets run into even more. The games millionaires play and the lengths they are willing to go to in order to hide their wealth is what Binami is all about...

Movie Review: After a long time, here is an interesting plot. It starts off with a boy meeting a girl from the upper crust of society and turns into the story of a tussle between a tycoon and his heir who has grown up believing that he is indeed the former's son. There are many scenes in the movie which suggest that director Saran has not lost his touch, but the rustic edges show and also slowdown the film at crucial moments. Pace becomes a casualty but in the last half hour you forget all that.

Uday Vasudev (Vinay) is the well-protected son of Rajan Vasudev (Kalabhavan Mani). For company, and protection, he has Madan (Yuva), a housemate who is exclusively attached for him, besides half-a-dozen security personnel who are around all the time.

In a freak incident, caused by LR Eswari (Kajal Aggarwal), he smashes his Ferrari and decides to make her pay for the damage by serving as a domestic help at his sprawling house in the Boat Club area. Eswari, a second year Viscom student, plays along, a little irritated and a little amused.

She sees Madan falling for her and encourages him, hoping to trigger similar emotions in Uday. In the meantime, father Rajan has kept adding to a long list of enemies and, before long, a hitman is hired to kill Uday. However, the bullet kills Madan. Just as you thought that it is another formula film, the director manages to deliver a googly, which turns Uday's life upside down.

How Uday establishes himself is executed fairly well, although a couple of songs in the second half, although enjoyable, are more like irritating pop-ups. Had Saran only been crisper in his narration, it might have made for an edgier film. Vinay has dubbed in his own voice and, after faltering initially, manages to get his rhythm right.

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